Integrative Health was founded with the sole purpose of providing exclusive nutritional supplements based on innovative, well researched ingredients.

We focus on careful designed premium formulations for specific health applications. The efficacy of our products is guaranteed through the use of proprietary, research-based ingredients such as AHCC®, ETAS®, L. fermentum ME-3®.

The use of selected, high-quality nutritional supplements is an essential component of integrative health strategies.

Clinically proven nutritional supplements can be used in conjunction with conventional therapies to help maintain normal physiological functions of the body.

The effects of our proprietary ingredients have been proven through years of research and numerous scientific studies.

Our scientific partners are actively involved in clinical studies and continually work with universities and institutes around the world.

Research is an essential part of our product development process therefore, we conduct research studies on our own formulations, in order to ensure that our customers are receiving the best products.

Integrative Health’s mission is to provide added value in products and quality service, that empowers people to lead healthier lives.

The quality and safety of our products also deserve our special attention. All steps of the production process are closely monitored to ensure the efficiency and safety of the final products. Our manufacturing facilities meet all the required quality standards in accordance with the regulations in force.

Healthcare professionals are welcome to contact us for more information on the unique properties of our products and ongoing research programs.

The Integrative Health Team:

Thomas is the General Manager of Integrative Health and has been part of the company since it started in 2019. Thomas has acquired a lot of experience in the Dietary supplement market in Germany over the years.

Nicole has joined Integrative Health as Sales Manager because of her years of experience in the medical and pharma industry. Nicole is an experienced sales representative who gives support and technical therapeutic advice to medical specialists in clinics and private practices with our nutritional supplement range.

Viviana is our newest member of the team that recently joined Integrative Health as the Customer Relations Manager. With a deep passion for the health industry and enthusiasm to help our customers, Viviana is dedicated to strive for the best customer care and providing the best technical support. She is an excellent communicator and problem solver which makes her a great addition to our company.